Strengthening a global brand with the American Thoracic Society

American Thoracic Society (ATS) is a nonprofit medical association focused on improving respiratory science, clinical care, and public health.


Founded in 1905 to prevent and treat tuberculosis, the American Thoracic Society has evolved many times to meet the needs of their members and the public. Today the ATS has grown to 16,000 members worldwide who look to them as their professional home and an invaluable resource in advancing the science and treatment in respiratory care. While the ATS mission is strong, their message had become diluted in a sea of communications and competing messages. The ATS needed an in-depth brand audit of their external and internal communications as a precursor to an eventual brand refresh.


  • Stakeholder interviews and quantitative research
  • Audit of brand platform, brand architecture, positioning, name, tagline, messaging and tone
  • Audit of visual identity and marketing touch points
  • Competitive and aspirational brand audit
  • Development of recommendations blueprint on how to improve all core brand elements


Through our in-depth brand audit, we helped the ATS recognize how competing and disjointed communications dilute their overall message. We assessed and scored each core brand element on how successful it is in terms of clarity, communication, and consistency. This allowed a measurable and actionable way to tackle the massive task of their brand refresh.

Our audit culminated in a detailed roadmap of our recommendations. We outlined how the ATS can evolve and elevate their brand, following best practices for future-ready brand communications.

We helped them reorient their focus from function to benefit. Leveraging their strengths, we recommended a more impactful positioning that focuses on why they exist – to accelerate innovation in their field.