Building better
for you
at Babyganics

Babyganics offers a full line of organic, plant-based household and personal care products that are safe for babies and parents alike.


Amidst a rapidly evolving market of “better for you” products, Babyganics needed to solidify its product standards and ingredient branding position. Babyganics sought to better understand how competitors were talking about their products in order to develop a unique brand strategy and messaging.

“when it comes to baby products, and natural/organic baby products in particular, credibility is everything, and transparency is the key to credibility”


  • Needs State Analysis and Journey Design
  • Customer Experience Innovations
  • Campaign Concepting and Creative
  • Communications Plan and Rollout Strategy


In order to deliver innovation ideas for United Healthcare, Publiq identified two primary audience groups – providers and patients – that would benefit from the new integrated offering. For each group, Publiq built a profile to bring the audience to life and then mapped out a “day in the life,” with a problem that needed to be solved, how United Healthcare could help, and the role technology could play in facilitating a better experience.