Bringing clarity
to complexity
at Janssen

Janssen is a global pharmaceutical company and a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. For more than 50 years, Janssen Canada has been on the forefront of developing drugs for infectious diseases, oncology, and other critical healthcare areas.


Pharmaceutical access groups are complex and not always easily understood by the different entities they serve. The Access arm of Janssen Canada needed a clear way to talk about their value both internally and externally, in order to highlight the group’s benefits to its diverse set of stakeholders.

“Healthcare is a complicated business. Access needed a simple way to educate the entire organization about its various components, while unifying the disparate players within the group”


  • Value Proposition
  • Visual Identity
  • Stakeholder Messaging
  • Brand Training


Publiq developed a value proposition for Janssen Access centered around relationships, accountability and progress. It was so well-received that leadership brought Publiq back on to offer training on the new strategy at all levels of the organization. Employees were engaged and empowered to bring the strategy to life, and the new messaging delivered positive, measurable results both internally and externally.