a non-profit at LMCC

LMCC is a non-profit organization that empowers artists by providing them with resources and support to create vibrant, sustainable communities in Lower Manhattan and beyond.


With a bold vision to position Lower Manhattan as an exemplary community that sets the standard for mixed-use urban neighborhoods, LMCC needed to elevate its profile, speaking with one voice to diverse audiences.

“LMCC sponsored a wide range of cultural offerings that were not being associated with the brand – the general public was enjoying LMCC events without realizing they were coming from LMCC.”


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Stakeholder Messaging
  • Visual Identity & Website Design


With a compelling value proposition, new visual identity and a refreshed website, LMCC had the tools in place to engage its core audiences with relevant messaging. As a result, LMCC was able to grow online engagement and increase interactions with donors and the general public.