Redefining the museum experience at The Rubin

The Rubin Museum of Art is an arts and cultural hub in New York City that inspires personal connections to the ideas, cultures, and art of Himalayas, India and neighboring regions.


The Rubin needed to reimagine its place in the crowded landscape of New York City cultural attractions in order to attract new visitors and broaden its membership base.

“The Museum had to strike a balance between its role as a steward of Himalayan art and a vibrant cultural gathering place”

“Inspiring visitors to make powerful connections between contemporary life and the ideas, cultures, and art of the Himalayas.”


  • Value Proposition and Brand Positioning
  • Brand Personality and Tone of Voice
  • Messaging Matrix


Publiq worked with the Rubin to activate the new brand foundation both internally and externally to transform the museum experience.