Developing customer
innovations with 
United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a part of UnitedHealth Group, the largest single health carrier in the United States.


United Healthcare was introducing a new platform to integrate UnitedHealth Group (its corporate brand), United Healthcare and OptumRx. It needed a communications campaign to highlight key benefits of the platform and engage employees, in order to present a unified business and position the brand for growth.

“The campaign offered United Healthcare the opportunity to move away from traditional communications about product and service delivery, and towards a focus on the end-to-end benefits it provides to customers, members and the community at large”


  • Needs State Analysis and Journey Design
  • Customer Experience Innovations
  • Campaign Concepting and Creative
  • Communications Plan and Rollout Strategy


In order to deliver innovation ideas for United Healthcare, Publiq identified two primary audience groups – providers and patients – that would benefit from the new integrated offering. For each group, Publiq built a profile to bring the audience to life and then mapped out a “day in the life,” with a problem that needed to be solved, how United Healthcare could help, and the role technology could play in facilitating a better experience.